Get to know Lecce

In the heart of Salento there is one of the European capitals of the Baroque, a city of millenary origins and millenary legends, a crossroads of cultures and peoples of the Mediterranean. Commercial port and bulwark against Turkish invasions, the city has been contested, destroyed and rebuilt several times throughout history, preserving or creatively modifying the city spaces. Malleable and golden like the sandstone of its historic buildings, this city is Lecce. Set in a history that dates back to millions of years ago, Lecce has been able to keep history and innovation within it, becoming a city suitable for anyone who wants to spend a day, a week or an entire life there. Its architecture does not resemble the Roman Baroque, it is something completely different that occurs later, once it reaches its peak. It is a creative fantasy that comes from the synthesis of images, symbols that belong to an ancient and medieval figurative heritage, with floral and vegetable elements that explode into realizable fruits thanks to the Lecce stone that allows a strong, tender and crumbly creative capacity. And it is in handing down this tradition and rediscovering its treasures of light stone that Lecce has become one of the richest cities in history, art and culture in the Mediterranean.

What to see in Lecce

There are many attractions that we recommend visiting. In a magical city like Lecce there will certainly be fun, culture, history, entertainment and much more. Not to be missed:

– Basilica of Santa Croce, dating back to 1600 and famous for being a sumptuous Baroque basilica monument with references to the Gothic style;

– Piazza del Duomo, the most beautiful square in the city of Lecce dominated by the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the 82-meter bell tower and the Palazzo del Seminario, all of which can be visited by participating in a Lecce Walking Tour.

– Carlo V Castle, medieval castle of the Emperor Charles V of Habsburg dating back to 1539;

– Piazza Sant’Oronzo, dedicated to the patron saint of the city with the sumptuous Roman amphitheater in the center;

– Porta Napoli, also called Arco di Trionfo, the arch that marks the entrance to the city of Lecce as well as its wonderful historic center.

The wonders that the city of Lecce has to offer are many and enviable. Its atmosphere will captivate you, it will flood you making you live an unforgettable journey. Millions of tourists visit the city every year but only those who have the courage to understand it, understand it and really listen to it will be able to love it more every day as if it were always the first time.

Tours of the city of Lecce

Among the various tours recommended to appreciate and get to know the city, there is the Lecce Walking Tour. With a certified local guide you can understand its history, study its culture and get to the heart of its traditions. Named the Florence of the South, Lecce preserves an inimitable artistic architectural heritage thanks to its Lecce stone monuments that create plays of pink, yellow and white colors that reflect the light at sunset in a mix of suggestive atmospheres, spectacular to the eyes. of those who observe them. During the tour you will be able to stroll through the most important squares, along the streets that lead to the historic center, coming to study in a short time centuries of history steeped in small alleys, terraces, ceilings, corners, almost intent on capturing the viewer’s eye for never leave it. Lecce is a city favor, a jewel born almost 2000 years ago but still able to amaze and make people fall in love today.