Do I have to register before booking a tour?

Yes, and it’s free, simple and quick. It takes only a minute of your time to be ready to book your unforgettable experience.

Can I contact the guide before booking the tour?

You can use the Evolved Guide customer service. From the contact us page you can select the name of the guide and the type of tour: we will take care of forwarding your requests.

Can I contact the guide after the booking?

Certainly: you will find all his/her references in the voucher.

What happens if the guide does not come to the appointment or cancels the tour ?

If the guide does not present him/herself to lead the tour or cancels it, the customer is fully reimbursed.

Could a different guide from the one I booked come to lead the tour?

The guide, if unable to manage the tour, has the right to be replaced by another guide, chosen by him/her, of the same level and qualification.

Methods of payment

The services of Evolved Guide are paid for in full at the moment of booking. Payments are made via PayPal: you can use a Pay Pal account directly or any credit card integrated in its circuit.

If I have to cancel my tour, what do I have to do?

If you are not able to join the tour, you must cancel the booking directly from your private area, clicking on the button “cancel the tour” which you find next to your booking.

Am I entitled to a refund if I cancel the tour?

Evolved Guide’s cancellation policy allows the possibility of cancelling the tour at any moment for whatever reason.
There is a refund of 70% of the total of the booking for cancellations up to 5 days before departure.
The refund will however be 30% for cancellations made from 5 to 3 days before departure.
For cancellations less than 3 days before departure there is no refund.

How and when will I receive the refund?

We will refund the amount due within seven days from the cancellation, with the same method of payment used by you.



What are the elements I have to consider in choosing a tour?

Each tour is different, because each guide can personalize it as he/she prefers, from the duration to the sites included, from the day to the times, to the language. In addition to considering these elements, you can choose according to your preferences regarding the experience and specialization of the guide and also evaluate on the basis of the contents of the tour and on the basis of the scores received from users.

Are the tickets for the museums and monuments included?

No, no museum or monument ticket is included in the cost of the tour. We recommend that you get your tickets before the beginning of the tour, you will find useful indications on the Tickets info page or you can ask your guide directly.

What is the difference between private tours and group tours?

If you book a private tour you will have a guide at the complete disposal of your group with prices that vary according to the number of participants. Group tours, on the other hand, are open groups, considered semi-private, because managed with a limited number, which you can also participate in alone and there is therefore a fixed price per person.

Are headphones included ?

As well as the tour you can also book headphones directly from our system and the cost will be added to the cost of the tour. The guide indicates on the listing the minimum number of persons for whom headphones are recommended.


How do I see the information for each tour reserved for the agencies?

To see the information and the prices dedicated to the agencies you have to create a specific profile and check you are logged in when you surf the site. In this way you will visualize only the tour listing for the agencies.

I think that my group might need more time than the duration of the tour stated by the guide on his/her tour description. What should I do?

While booking the tour, you will be able to indicate the extra time, in addition to that offered by the guide that you think you need. The tour description indicates the percentage increase of the cost of each additional hour in relation to the total cost of the tour.

If my group exceeds the maximum number indicated by the guide?

Each guide is obliged to indicate a base price with reference to a minimum and maximum number of participants; at the same time, if available to work with the agencies, he/she is able to support larger groups: the additional cost for each extra person will therefore be indicated. The overall cost will be calculated automatically at the booking stage.

Can I decide the meeting point?

Yes, in order to meet your group management needs, you will be able agree on the meeting point with your guide after the booking: you will find his/her contacts in the voucher.

Methods, costs and times of cancellation are the same as those for the private user.



I have registered as a guide on the site, what should I do after in order to be visible?

You must enter all your general and tax data and subscribe and fill out the form for at least one tour.

Can I also register with my company?

For tax purposes, yes, but the services must be performed by you.

How many tours can I choose?

Each guide can decide to make his/herself available for the tours he/she prefers, one or all. Of course, the more tours, the greater is the possibility of being selected, both because of a greater presence on the site and because of a greater possibility of receiving evaluations.

What difference is there if I indicate my availability for a private tour or an open tour?

The private tour can be personalized completely by you, taking into account the general characteristics of the tour, with a subheading, description, prices, departure times, duration, language and meeting point
The only difference between the open tour and the private tour consists in the fact that the final price for the customer, the departure time, the language spoken and the remuneration reserved for you are established by us.

Could I add a monument or a site to a tour?

Yes. Keeping the basic characteristics of the tour, you will be able to add all the tourist sites that you consider most suitable and interesting.
For example, in the tour “Colosseum, Roman Forums and Palatine” you have to enter these three sites, but there is nothing to prevent you from also planning a visit to the Capitoline Hill if you consider it to be appropriate and interesting.

What are the implications of being available to work for agencies?

The agency will book your tour with all the basic general characteristics, but it can ask you to make variations and additions to your itinerary, paying extra both for the time necessary and for the total number of participants; moreover, the meeting point will be agreed upon with the agency after the booking. The prices that you will enter at this stage will be reserved only for the agency.

What does signing up for the last minute tours involve?

The Last Minute tours are those that the user can book 2 or 3 days in advance.
As a guide you can activate this option only if you are available to conduct a tour with 31 to72 hours’ notice.
You can also choose if or what discount to apply for the last minute tours: it must be lower than any discount applied to the last second tours.

What does signing up for the last second tours involve?

The Last Second tours are those which the user can book few hours in advance. The afternoon tours (from 2 p.m.) can be booked up to 12 a.m. on the same day and the morning tours up to 7 p.m. the evening before.
As a guide you can activate this option only if you are available to conduct a particular tour and therefore arrive punctually at the meeting point with only 2 hours’ notice. We advise you against signing up if you are not able to check your email frequently or you think you will be a considerable distance from the meeting point of that tour.
You can also choose if and what discount to apply for the last second tours: it must be greater that any discount applied to the last minute tours.

How do the evaluations work?

After the tour an email will be sent to the user with the request to evaluate your work with respect to that tour. The parameters making up your overall evaluation are professionalism, punctuality, knowledge, knowledge of the language and congeniality. The sum of all the evaluations made by the various users for that specific tour will give the overall evaluation for that tour, all the evaluations of all the tours taken together will indicate your total score as a guide.

How do the payments work?

At the end of every month you will receive an email informing you that the invoice relative to all the tours carried out during the month is available on your profile. You have 5 days to communicate to us any observations or complaints.
If we do not receive any communication, we will make payment of the amount due to you on the 5th of the following month using the method of payment chosen by you.

If I cannot be available on certain days or times, can I block my calendar so as not to be booked?

Yes, we have configured a totally flexible calendar which allows you to manage your engagements and requirements in such a way that the system will not show you as available.

Do I have to block the days on which the museums /sites included in the tour are closed?

EG will block the official closing days declared on the calendar of the sites/museums that we know with certainty are included in your tour. You will find the days that EG has closed in the form to be filled in for each tour.
For all those visits to museums/sites, that cannot be predicted by EG, that you have included in your tour, you will have to effect, on the non-accessible days, the closure of the dates directly on your internal calendar which you find in the form of that tour. E.g.. Appian Way and catacombs, the guide has to block the closing days of those catacombs that he/she has decided to include in his/her tour.

Tour cancellation

Our platform allows for the annulment of the tour, without your being paid any remuneration, up to 48 hours before departure. If a tour is cancelled after this you will be credited the total amount of the tour minus the administrative commission.
The 48 hours are calculated on the actual time of departure.

What is the commission of EG?

20% of the final price.