Lecce walking tour

In the splendid Salento there is a city you absolutely must see: Lecce. The so-called “Lady of the Baroque” will enchant you with its mix of Roman and Baroque architecture. This Lecce walking tour will be a real journey back in time because our Evolved Guide local guide will explain to you the whole history of Lecce. After visiting Porta Napoli, the spectacular triumphal arch that marks the entrance to the historic center, you will immerse into a maze of narrow streets that preserve the history of the city. Admire its luxurious buildings and craft shops. Reach the Basilica of Santa Croce: built between the 16th and 17th centuries, it is the most spectacular example of Lecce Baroque, which will leave you speechless. And if we talk about baroque we have to mention the Cathedral of Lecce, the metropolitan cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

But Lecce is not only Baroque art! The city in fact preserves some of the most beautiful testimonies of Roman architecture. Ancient Lupiae had an extraordinary Roman amphitheater and a theater, both built between the 1st and 2nd centuries AD, and still well preserved and located in the central part of the historic center of Lecce.

What are you waiting for? Book a tour with our Evolved Guide certified local guide who will guide you on this adventure and he/she willl reveal to you the secrets of one of the main cities of Puglia. Join us to discover Lecce!

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Come on, Lecce is just waiting for you.

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