The new façade of the Colosseum!

Anyone visiting Rome aims to organize a guided tour of the Colosseum freely or with a private tour guide to deepen their knowledge on largest amphitheater in the world.
Starting from this month of July 2016 it will be possible to see the Colosseum under a new frame, in fact it was inaugurated the first major intervention of the outside restoration to be followed by the restoration to the Arena and the underground that will be completed in three years, by 2018. Thanks to them the Colosseum can be exploited for cultural events of the highest level.
The inauguration took place in the presence of Italian Prime Minister, Mr. Matteo Renzi and the Minister of Tourism, Mr. Dario Franceschini.
Launched in 2011 but started in late 2012 and early 2013, the restoration work will require a total investment of € 25 million which will be funded by entrepreneurs as Diego and Andrea Della Valle (Tod’s Group), project ordered by the delegated Commissioner to the archaeological sites of Ancient Rome and Ancient Ostia and by the Superintendence of Cultural heritage of Rome.
Specifically, the project has seen a first intervention of the external façade that gave new light to the northern and the southern side with a total surface of 13,300 square meters; with it took place the replacement of the closing of the fornix system, for a total of about 8 million euro. The second stage will provide for the restoration of the underground and the retrofitting of the plants for a total of about 10 million euro. The third stage will be dedicated to the creation of a service center to support the activities of the visitors, one last intervention estimated at 5 million euro.
Thanks to the collaboration between a private company and the public sector it was possible to carry on the preservation of Italian cultural heritage.
Today tourists will have one more reason to visit the Colosseum or review an Amphitheater that have already seen.