Ruins of Ostia Antica Guided Tour

The Ruins of Ostia Antica Guided Tour is generally chosen by curious tourists who want to explore the history of Ancient Rome beyond its borders, accompanied by a private tour guide Evolved Guide.

An enviable and crucial position for the ancient port of the city of Rome, Ostium, in Latin “mouth”, bearing witness to its proximity to the delta of the Tiber, was a flourishing trading port whose construction began in the 4th century A.D.

The Archeological Site of Ancient Ostia is one of the best preserved archeological sites of the Roman era in the world. Thermal baths, houses, shops, taverns and theatres, so perfectly preserved as to be the envy of Pompei, will welcome you and make you forget that you are in the midst of “ruins”.

Walking along the Decumanus Massimus, the main road, while you listen to the fascinating stories told by your guide, you will see the daily life of an entire country unfold around you, the statues along the way will simply strengthen the feeling.

Of the various wonders of this open-air museum we cannot but mention the Theatre, built in the 2nd century A.D. and able to accommodate up to 3,500 people. Today it is still used for its ancient purpose, it hosts wonderful theatrical performances and concerts and its acoustics make us appreciate even more the engineering skills of its builders.

Evolved Guide offers you a wide list of different routes for the same tour that every tour guide has personalized in his or her own way,  according to his or her experience and preparation for you. Choose from our list the local private tour guide of Rome and his or her guided tour of Ancient Ostia which best suits your curiosity, departure time and duration of the tour! Go back home with the unique experience of your Private Tour Guide Certificated Evolved Guide!

Results for Ruins of Ostia Antica Guided Tour

Joël Touratier

55, 1 - 3 years
All city of Rome and
4 hours
Description: Founded in the fourth century BC at the mouth of the Tiber, >>
Meeting Point: 00119 Ostia Antica RM

Starting from 150,00 €


Marta Marin

38, 5 - 10 years
history of art,
4 hours
Italian, German, French, English
Description: Ostia was originally the port of Rome, today is the best >>
Meeting Point: Viale dei Romagnoli

Starting from 170,00 €

136,00 €


Valentina Brasiello

40, 5 - 10 years
history of art - archaeology -
3 hours
Italian, English
Description: Travel back in time to Rome as it was 2000 years ago! Visit >>
Meeting Point: Via della Stazione di >>

Starting from 170,00 €

153,00 €


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