Villa Lante in Bagnaia Guided Tour

Within a short distance from Viterbo, the Villa Lante is one of the masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance. Evolved Guide offers you the chance of a Villa Lante in Bagnaia Guided Tour with a professional tour guide to discover its splendid architectures and its gardens where water reigns. During the Renaissance Bagnaia flourished as the residence of the noble families of Tuscia, who found in its pristine woods the ideal setting for their palaces. The most amazing corner of Bagnaia is undoubtedly the Villa Lante, build in the 16th century together with its park: here architecture and nature come together in a perfect harmony. Your guide will lead you to discover the treasures and artworks hidden by the twin buildings of Villa Lante, which act as a scenic backdrop for the splendid mannerist gardens with painted loggias, waterfalls, fountains and dripping caves. Refresh your mind while walking in this heaven of waters, feeling like you are at the Renaissance court of Cardinal Gambara or attending a lavish banquet by Lante della Rovere family. Your private tour guide will tell you about the Fountain of the Four Moors, which dominates the gardens reflecting in the pond, and will accompany you on a path between oaks, holms and plane trees. Fountains and sculptures opening in unexpected glimpses will catch your eyes, such as the magnificent ‘chain of water‘ or the Cardinal’s Table. On Evolved Guide each Villa Lante in Bagnaia Guided Tour is customized by each guide according to his/her own experience, knowledge and personal style: in this way you can choose between different routes with different durations, dates, departure times and prices, according to your needs. Scroll the list below, find your guide and immerse in the dreamy atmosphere of Villa Lante! Come home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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