Farnese Palace in Caprarola Guided Tour

Evolved Guide takes you to discover one of the absolute masterpieces of the italian Renaissance: book a Farnese Palace in Caprarola Guided Tour and let a professional tour guide enlight the wonderful residence of the Farnese family, among gorgeous atmospheres and artistic beauties! Within a short distance from Viterbo, the small village of Caprarola hides a treasure you won’t expect: the Farnese Palace with its stunning pentagonal plan, famous worldwide as one of the highest examples of Mannerist-style residences ever conceived, visited every year by thousands of tourists and art lovers. If you come to Tuscia and want to enhace your trip, then you absolutely cannot miss this stronghold of Renaissance architecture. Choose a local expert guide who can reveal you the story, the secrets and the invaluable art tresaures kept into its walls! Fortress, palace, villa: the many facets of the Farnese Palace make it a place of enchanting, classic beauty which is going to leave you speechless, ready to amaze you with gold, columns and stuccos. Walk on the palace’s stairways and admire the gorgeous façade with the Loggia, the lush gardens with statues and fountains offering unexpected views. Follow you guide through the palace’s levels, where the magnificent Scala Regia spiral straircase, the Circular Courtyard with the central eye from which you can see the sky – a true Pantheon! – and halls completely covered by frescoes born from the hand of the most refined artists of the 16th century awaits you: the Room of the Globe with the geographical maps, the Room of Dreams where the Farnese cardinals slept and many other splendid rooms. Keep your eyes upward and don’t miss even a detail! Each guide has his/her own way of leading the Farnese Palace in Caprarola Guided Tour: tours you’ll find on Evolved Guide are therefore customized according to each guide’s experience, knowledge and personale style and differ from each other for duration, dates, departure times and prices. Pick from the list below the one that inspires you the most! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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