Calcata in the Treja Valley Guided Tour

Book a Calcata in the Treja Valley Guided Tour and discover with a professional tour guide of Evolved Guide the fantasy sceneries of Italy’s most beautiful abandoned village! Treat yourself with an unforgettable day in Calcata and enjoy the quietness, the fairy-tale shape and the breathtaking panoramas offered by this ghost-village perched on a tuff spur in the heart of Tuscia, which truly reminds of a fantasy world inhabited by princesses, gnomes and faeries. The medieval village of Calcata is today inhabited only by 70 people and shows up as it was in the Middle Ages. For this reason it is a unique place in the world, with a suggestive atmosphere you’ll hardly find anywhere else. What better than discover it with a local expert guide, ready to show you everything you have to see? Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the alleys of Calcata, which are still made with the cobblestones of the river Treja that streams at its foot. Wander between arches, small squares, old shops, ancient-flavour houses (and cats!) and admire the main monuments of the village, the Baronial Castle of the Anguillara family and the Church of the Holy Name of Jesus. You’ll really have the impression that some king of magic had stopped the passage of time just to let dream with open eyes. But Calcata’s wonders goes beyond its walls: your guide may decide to take you to the splendid Treja Valley Park, where you’ll get enchanted by the magic Opera Bosco Museum or by the traces left by the Faliscans (a necropolis and the ruins of Narce), so don’t forget to wear comfortabile shoes! On Evolved Guide each guide has personalized his/her Calcata in the Treja Valley Guided Tour according to his/her own experience and knowledge creating for you different itineraries you can choose from with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices. Check the list below and find the perfect one for you! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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