Bomarzo Monster Park Guided Tour

Evolved Guide makes you discover the most suggestive place in Viterbo: book a Bomarzo Monster Park Guided Tour with a professional tour guide and get lost in the meanders of the ‘sacred wood’. “You who wander the world, hoping to see high and amazing wonders, come here, where hideous faces, elephants, lions, orcs and dragons are.” Although part of the tradition of the 16th century large gardens, the Bomarzo Monster Park does not respect the typical canons of the Italian-style garden: it lacks proportions, symmetry and impressive water features. These features make it a true subversive and original place, a microcosm where fantasy is mixed with esotericism. Let a local expert guide accompany you on this journey into the grotesque: you will know anecdotes, enigmas and stories that will capture you as you walk among the basalt statues surrounded by greenery. The Monster Park of Bomarzo was commissioned by prince Vicino Orsini ad a ‘consolation artwork’ for the death of his beloved wife. For the construction, the antiquarian Pirro Ligorio drew inspiration from Greek and Roman mythology, from Renaissance literature and from Medieval bestiaries: a fabulous world is waiting for you on the paths of the wood. Your private tour guide will drive you between pagan temples and ancestral deities, the fight of the Giants and the horrible jaw of the Orc, the huge Dragons and exotic animals observing you silently. Some people claim to have seen ghosts and shadows prowling around the statues: will you be brave enough? On Evolved Guide each guide has customized his/her Bomarzo Monster Park Guided Tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, creating for you different routes with different attractions, durations, dates, departure times and prices – in order to meet everyone’s needs. Choose from the list below the one you prefer and venture into the sacred wood of Bomarzo! Come back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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