Udine Walking Tour

From the squares to the palaces to the castle and museums the Friulian city offers much to admire. Join a Udine Walking Tour to get to know the main sights of this city rich in history and culture together with a local guide of Evolved Guide.

Built around the Castle hill, symbol of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Udine is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in northern Italy. Not only can it boast a large number of museums and works of art that attract guests from all over the world, but also historic architecture of great value. Streets are intertwined with surprising green oases and numerous parks which, in addition to guaranteeing a pleasant shade, favor various activities.A sort of wonder shines through the rich presence of water in various forms.

Your attention will be captured by the hill, protagonist of the legend of Attila and by the Cinquecento Castle located there. Inside you can see a complex of interesting museums with paintings by Caravaggio, Carpaccio, Tiepolo and many others.

At the foot of the Castle there is the famous Piazza della Libertà, whose architectural frame is unmatched in Italy and at the same time gives a representative and welcoming character to the square. Piazza San Giacomo is vast and pleasant and continues to be favored by citizens who love it for its characteristic buildings, the delicate features of the church and the enchanting fountain designed by a disciple of Raphael. The narrow streets are the ideal setting for the Friulian ritual of Taiut with a glass of wine produced in the surrounding areas by countless producers.

The tour includes the Cathedral, the Patriarchal Palace, the Public Library (the first), built in the city about 300 years ago, Casa Cavazzini, museum of modern and contemporary art, the Ethnographic Museum of Friuli and much more.

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