Royal Venaria of Turin Guided Tour

If you’re in Turin on holiday do not miss the opportunity to take a Royal Venaria of Turin Guided Tour, which is among the main sights in the city.

Spend a relaxing day walking, together with a licensed local guide, in the wonderful spaces of the ancient baroque residence, adorned by the lush greenery of its gardens. A splendid site that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

Evolved Guide takes you to the discovery of the splendid Venaria Reale palace in Turin, one of the residences of the Savoy family, where once you enter it will seem like going back in time, to the times of the past era of the absolute monarchy. Let an authorised expert guide tell you the story of the palace and gardens.

Get a Royal Venaria of Turin Guided Tour and get to know the history and curiosities of the place. Once you arrive you will be happily surprised by its intense, magical and fairytale atmosphere. The Venaria Reale is also an art museum and during the guided tour you will not only enjoy the beauty of its gardens and sumptuous interiors but also the mostly contemporary art exhibitions it has inside.

Choose Evolved Guide, the only platform where the Royal Venaria of Turin Guided Tour in Turin is customised by our tour guides. Choose the tour depending on the itinerary, duration, departure time, price and offers. Evaluate the various proposals of our tour guides and choose the option that’s right for you! Come home with a unique memory of the private tour of Turin thanks to the EvolvedGuide Authorized Private Guid

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