Risiera di San Sabba Guided Tour

Discover the Risiera di San Sabba, a sacred place of memory where crimes against humanity occurred, by joining the Risiera di San Sabba Guided Tour. Born as a rice processing plant at the end of the 19th century, it’s the only concentration camp with a crematorium in the current Italian territory. Today the Risiera has become a museum, so much that in 1965 it was declared a national monument.

The concentration camp was intended both for the sorting of deportees in Germany and Poland and for the storage of plundered property; and for the detention and elimination of hostages, partisans, political prisoners and Jews.

Book now the Risiera di San Sabba Guided Tour. You will discover all the stories behind the old and unique Italian concentration camp accompanied by a local guide. Let an authorised local guide introduce you to the history behind the various buildings of the camp.

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