Trakai Walking Tour

Discover Trakai, a city in Lithuania, by joining the Trakai Walking Tour and learn more about the history of the city thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide.

The private tour includes a visit to Trakai Castle, medieval residence and headquarter of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes. Built on an island by the Grand Dukes Kestutis and Vytautas during the 14th and 15th centuries, it played an important role as a military and political center of Lithuania. Enter the Castle Museum to admire historical objects related to the castle’s past while listening to the commentary from a local guide on Trakai’s most important historical and cultural events.

The private walking tour continues to Uzutrakis Palace, built in 1902. It was first owned by the Tyszkiewicz family, a noble family, and then used as a retirement home by Soviet agents of the KGB. Let the expert guide introduce you to the history of the manor.

Discover the Trakai Synagogue, a square-shaped wooden building with a pitched roof. Enter in this place of worship together with an authorized guide to get to know the local ethnographic museum on the Karaite community where documents relating to the history of the Karaite community are displayed.

Choose Evolved Guide, the only platform where all the guided tours in Trakai are customized by our tour guides. Choose the tour depending on the itinerary, duration, departure time, price and offers. Evaluate the various proposals of our tour guides and choose the option that’s right for you! Come home with a unique memory of the Trakai Walking Tour thanks to the EvolvedGuide Authorized Private Guide.

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