The Hague and Delf Walking Tour

Evolved Guide has expanded the offer of the best tours in the Netherlands allowing customers to book a The Hague and Delf Walking Tour with a professional tour guide, for an unforgettable journey in the footsteps of art and the Dutch royal family!

Choose the local expert guide who will accompany you in the streets of The Hague’s historic centre, the true heart of Holland where all the institutional headquarters and government buildings are gathered. Here you can admire the Binnenhof, the Dutch parliament: floating on water between trees and swans, its unique architecture will really leave you speechless.

Don’t miss even one of the many places of interest: the ancient Cathedral (Grote Kerk), the splendid Baroque-style new church (Nieuwe Kerk), the Gevangenpoort, a medieval prison that today is a museum displaying the history of justice – right in The Hague, which today hosts the International Court of Justice. Immerse in the intimate atmosphere of the city by walking in the artisan market or among the picturesque canals. Typical Dutch houses alternate with courtyards, parks and palaces such as Noordeinde, where king William Alexander works, and the Huis ten Bosch, one of the royal family’s residences.

Enjoy the Mauritshuis collection, which contains masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age such as the world-famous Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer and the Anatomy Lesson by Rembrandt. Or discover one of the most popular attractions for tourists, the Madurodam Park, where you can go on a bizarre trip to the miniature Holland!

Within a short distance from The Hague, the small Medieval village of Delf will enchant you with its magnificent buildings and churches. Discover with your private tour guide the history of the Dutch royal family, the great painter Vermeer and how was living on canals in the past. Immerse in the ancient tradition by visiting the ceramic factory that since the 17th century produces the famous blue ceramic of Delf.

Each The Hague and Delf Walking Tour is customized by each of our guides according to his/her own experience and knowledge: in this way, you can choose different itineraries with different attractions, dates, durations, departure times and prices. Find in the list below the perfect one for you and go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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