Termoli Walking Tour

There is a place in Molise where sea and mountain meet in perfect harmony: Termoli, the beautiful coastal town that cannot be missing in your trip. Let our professional tour guides walk you on discover of this suggestive town by booking a Termoli Walking Tour! Discover the pretty medieval village of Termoli, located on the top of a foreland on the Adriatic sea. in the narrow roads of the historic centre and refresh your mind with the quietness and maritime views offered by each corner, while listening to your private tour guide telling the rich story of the city. The historic centre, overhanging the sea, has its fulcrum in the wonderful Cathedral of St. Maria della Purificazione, with precious reliefs of light stone recalling the sand’s color that are going to make you wonder. Try to pass through the Rejecelle, the narrowest alley of Italy: will you success? But the symbol of Termoli is no doubt the Swabian Castle, built in the 13th century by Frederick II of Swabia as part of a huge defense system on the Adriatic, which surely cannot be missing in your tour. Follow your expert local guide along the old walls of the town for a stroll in the sun: the towers, for a long time used as lookouts to prevent sea attaks, today are perfect panoramic viewpoints on the port. What mostly catches the eye, while admiring the port of Termoli, is some particular wooden structures on the seashore: ask your guide to tell you about Trabucchi, ancient fishing machineries which feature is typical of the Adriatic coast. Let yourself immerse in the romantic atmosphere of Termoli and get enchanted by its soft colors and antique flavour! On Evolved Guide, each guide has customized his/her Termoli Walking Tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, so that you can choose from different routes with different durations, dates, departure times and prices. Scroll our list below and pick the one you prefer the most! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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