Teramo Walking Tour

Teramo is surely the most eclectic city of Abruzzo. On Evolved Guide you can book a Teramo Walking Tour with a professional tour guide, for an unforgettable journey through the forms of art and culture that characterize it! Thanks to the stories of your private tour guide you will discover the Roman Teramo. Try to imagine the verses of actors echoing in the Roman theatre, or the roaring of the crowd in the near amphitheatre. Marvel at the mosaics symbol of the lavish dailylife of Roman patricians, or walk in the shade of the ancient via Cecilia in the necropolis, between mausoleums and funerary monuments. If you prefer to immerse in the athmosphere of Middle Ages, then your local expert guide will drive you among the most important places of Medieval Teramo, but also through the most curious and hidden ones. Of course you’ll visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, on a perfect harmony of gothic, romanic and baroque, but you will also see towers, houses of noble families, bridges, fountains and place hiding secret stories, and small churches like Sant’Anna dei Pompietti and the Casa del Mutilato, where the sick of plague were treated. In the 18th -19th century Teramo, city of art and destination for intellectuals, has been an important cultural centre of Abruzzo. All this is enclosed in the Civic Pinacotheque, where you will admire magnificent artworks tracing the Italy’s history of art from the 15th century to the present days. Only your guide will be able to enhace such an heritage! On Evolved Guide each guide has customized his/her Teramo Walking Tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, so that you can choose from different itineraries with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices. Check our list below and pick the one you prefer the most! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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