Tarquinia Walking Tour

Discover Tarquinia, motherland of the Etruscans: from its sheer walls, your eyes will range from the open countryside to the blue sea. Evolved Guide offers you the chance to book a Tarquinia Walking Tour with a professional tour guide! By the 8th century BC Tarquinia flourished as a trading power of the Etruscans. With your private tour guide you can explore the Necropolis of Tarquinia: down the steps of the Tomb of Leopards or the famous Tomb of Orcus and admire their incredible frescoes, thanks to your guide’s stories the figures painted on the walls will come back to life. Where will your journey continue? Maybe to the Altar of the Queen, the largest Etruscan temple in Tarquinia: right from here come the Winged Horses you can admire at the National Etruscan Museum, together with a wide range of archaeological finds displaying the millennial history of the city: sarcophagi, vessels with mythological scenes, objects from the Etruscan dailylife. And why not a stroll around the historic centre? Your local expert guide will introduce you to the splendid Medieval and Renaissance city: towers, splendid palaces such as the Vanvitelli Palace, considered one of the highest examples of Renaissance architecture in Lazio, alleys and yards, the ancient wash-house, rich churches as the Cathedral of St. Margaret, the Church of St. Mary of the Castle and the artworks in the St. Saviour’s Church. Those who want to enjoy an excursion near Tarquinia cannot miss the Tarot Garden: this park is a true journey into contemporary art and evokes the athmospheres of Gaudì’s Park Guell in Barcelona. You won’t belive that such a fabulous place really hides near Tarquinia! Remember that on Evolved Guide each guide has customized his/her Tarquinia Walking Tour guided tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, creating different itineraries you can choose from with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices. Check the list below and pick the one you prefer the most! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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