Taranto walking tour

Explore the city of the two seas with our Taranto walking tour. With our Evolved Guide expert local guide you will learn the whole history of the only colony of the great Greek city of Sparta. Founded in the 8th century BC it is one of the most important cities in the whole Mediterranean. Discover the story of Taras, the mythical founder of the city. Stroll through the old city where ancient history is mixed with the most modern one: during the walk through the streets of Taranto you will see the oldest Doric temple in all of Magna Grecia, the Cathedral of San Cataldo and also the splendid Aragonese Castle, the imposing fortress built to protect the city. Your guide will ferry you from the ancient village to the modern one by crossing the famous Ponte Girevole, the “Swing Bridge” one of the symbols of the city, which connects the artificial island with the mainland.

Admire the marvelous seafront of Taranto and its artificial canal, built in 1481 to allow the passage of boats.

With our local guide you will have the opportunity to see the testimonies of the material culture of the ancient city of Taranto with a visit to the grandiose MarTa: it is the Archaeological Museum of Taranto, one of the largest museum centers in the Mediterranean, which collects unique finds, such as golds, pottery and statues. It is a unique museum where Greek wisdom blends with Italic influences.

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