Drottningholm Castle Guided Tour

Discover Drottningholm Castle, which is 10 km from Stockholm, by joining the Drottningholm Castle Guided Tour and learn more about the history of the castle thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide.

Drottningholm Castle is in Swedish Baroque style and it’s the residence of the Swedish Royal Family. It’s recognized together with its park as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They began to build it in 1662 inspired by the castle of Versailles. The garden was completed in 1777. Walking through the garden you get to the Chinese Pavilion and the Drottningholm Theater, where the original furnishings and stage machinery of the eighteenth century are still preserved and in which still today operas are staged.

Learn more about the story of the royal characters who made their mark on the history of the castle and marvel at the rooms. Stroll with your authorized local guide through the gardens and buildings with 17th and 18th century interior furnishings.

While walking through the gardens of the Castle together with your local authorized guide you will see the suggestive baroque garden strongly desired by Queen Hedvig Eleonora, The English Garden with its ponds, canals and bridges, the rococo gardens that surround the Chinese Pavilion.

Enter the Chinese Pavilion and marvel at Swedishrococostyle furniture, Chinese objects, rooms with original Chinese coverings in paper and silk and much more. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Drottningholm Castle together with an authorized local guide of Evolved Guide.

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