Ninfa Gardens and Sermoneta Guided Tour

In the heart of Lazio there is an oasi of beauty where trees from all over the world blooms and medieval castles dominate the landscape. On Evolved Guide you can book a Ninfa Gardens and Sermoneta Guided Tour and spend a day in history and nature, together with a professional tour guide. Get enchanted by the Medieval village of Sermoneta, perched on the mountains and surrounded by woods as in a fairy-tale. Dominated by the stunning Caetani Castle, the village is still intact with churches, historical houses, the city walls and the Loggia dei Mercanti with arches and antique shops. Your local expert guide will bring you back to when ladies and knights walked the roads, revealing you the secrets of this treasure chest of Middle Ages. Feel the magic of the past in the magnificent Abbey of Valvisciolo: follow your private tour guide on the trail of the Templers, among anectodes and stories interweaving with the amazing romanic architectures. Enjoy the peace shrouded in mistery of this place while admiring the panorama from the beautiful medieval cloister, where time seems to have stopped. You will also have the opportunity to see the suggestive Ninfa Gardens, where rare and secular plants changing their colors every season grow undisturbed on the ruins of a lost Medieval town. Jasmines and wistarias, american hazels trees, japanase maples and roses provide a backdrop for views that make this landscaped garden one of the most beautiful in the world. Stroll around archaeological remains, lush greenery, ponds and fresh streams: you will belive you are into a Monet painting! And if you will not be tired yet, your guide may take you to visit the ruins of Ancient Norba, built by the Latins on a steep cliff from where you can enjoy breathtaking views. Each Ninfa Gardens and Sermoneta Guided Tour offered on Evolved is customized by each guide according to his/her own experience and knowledge, so that you can choose from different itineraries with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices – to satisfy everyone’s interests and needs. Check the list below, pick the one you prefer the most and get ready to fall in love! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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