Selinunte Archaeological Park walking tour

Are you ready to explore the biggest archaeological park in Europe with our Selinunte Archaeological Park walking tour? Evolved Guide certified local guide will guides you at the discovery of the incredible history of the city of Selinunte. We are sure that you will be fascinated by its temples and its breathtaking landscapes. Inside the park there are ten grandiose temples, among the most beautiful in the ancient world. Despite its short history, founded in 650 BC and destroyed in 409 by Carthage, Selinunte was one of the main cities of Sicily, as a testament to the grandeur of its temples. Time has preserved the whiteness of the ruins, like the grandiose temples, even larger than the Parthenon in Athens and the cyclopean columns lying on the ground. The succession of events has led to the destruction of most of its structures and, in order to appreciate its grandeur, there will be our local guide who will reconstruct the city’s past. On the horizon, between one column and another, see the crystalline blue of the Mediterranean Sea. From here you will enjoy a breathtaking landscape that you will never forget. Let yourself be enchanted by the particular charm of Selinunte. On our Evolved Guide platform, the Selinunte Archaeological Park walking tour is customized by each of our local guides according to the itineraries, durations, departure times, prices and offers. Search among the proposals and choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Go home with a unique experience: choose Evolved Guide.

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