Savona Walking Tour

Join the Savona Walking Tour and get to know one of the most important cities in Liguria, which has an important commercial and tourist port, second only to Genoa.

Visiting the city will be like going back to the past and more precisely to the sixteenth century. You will admire one of the most important monuments of the city: the Rocca del Priamar.

During the Savona Walking Tour, you will immerse yourself in its historical centre, which is the oldest area of the city. You will be able to admire old ramparts, towers, medieval structures and sixteenth century buildings such as the Fortress of Priamar. This latter is a fortified area overlooking the sea currently home to the Archaeological Museum and Contemporary Art, a unique and evocative scenery.

Moreover, together with the local guide you will stroll through the historic center heading to the Cathedral of the Assumption of Baroque style with a Latin cross plan with a nave and two aisles that contains many paintings of different origin and a beautiful baptistery of the fifteenth century.

In front of the cathedral, the local guide will take you to its square, where the Sistine Chapel of Savona overlooks, which owes its name to Pope Sixtus IV della Rovere, from Savona, who also built the most famous “Sistine” in the Vatican, and who had the Chapel built as the burial monument of his parents.

Book now the Savona City Center Walking Tour and get to know this delightful city.

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