Fossanova Abbey Guided Tour

Treat yourself with a day-trip in the inland in the name of history and art: book a Fossanova Abbey Guided Tour and let this masterpiece of Cistercian architecture bring you back to the atmosphere of Middle Ages, thanks to the stories of a professional tour guide! The Abbey of Fossanova is a real hidden gem of Lazio you absolutely cannot miss! Built between 1163 and 1208, it is one of the most ancient and most magnificent abbeys ever built by the Cistercian monks in Italy, and it is mostly famous for having hosted the great thinker St. Thomas Aquinas in the last years of his life. You’ll certainly need a local expert guide to discover all its secrets! Enjoy the peace and tranquility you can still breath in this suggestive place rich of spirituality, but also a milestone of art history and Medieval architecture. Admire the splendid façade of the abbey with the cosmatesque mosaic and get enchanted by its spectacular and severe grandeur. Follow your private tour guide in the church, devoid of frescoes according to the austere Cistercian principle of the memento mori, in the Romanesque-Gothic cloister that will leave you speechless for its beauty, in the chapter room embellished with elegant details, in the refectory and in the infirmary with the chapel where St. Thomas Aquinas lived and prayed. Dead in 1274, the saint was initially buried right inside the abbey before being transported to Toulouse: the tomb of St. Thomas Aquinas is still visible in the church and has been for a long time a destination of pilgrims from all over the world. Each guide has his/her own way of leading the Fossanova Abbey Guided Tour: tours you’ll find on Evolved Guide are therefore customized according to the experience, knowledge and style of each guide and differ from each other for duration, dates, departure times and prices. Check out the list below and choose the one that inspires you the most! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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