Rotterdam Walking Tour

Choose a Rotterdam Walking Tour in the company of a professional tour guide and discover the beauty of this special sea-port city, where ancient and modern blend in perfect harmony creating a unique atmosphere in the world!

local expert guide is what you need to fully appreciate the most eclectic and multiethnic city of the Netherlands: you’ll visit the most important monuments and you’ll discover the history of Rotterdam, but also the most hidden curiosities, the daily life and the lesser-known aspects of the city.

Immerse in the flavours and scents of the Markthal, the covered-market of Rotterdam with its stunning decorated roof (the Cornucopia): will you be brave enough to try the raw herring of the Dutch cuisine? Or enjoy the spectacular architecture of the Erasmus Bridge while strolling in the port of Rotterdam, breathing the sea-breeze and refreshing your mind.

Thanks to your private tour guide you’ll be able to fully appreciate the double face of Rotterdam by visiting the skyscrapers of the Kop van Zuid, the neighborhood that will let you belive you’re in a USA city, and the Delfshaven, the old town with canals, the typical Dutch houses and the Pilgrim’s Church. Don’t miss the bizarre Cubic Houses by Piet Blom, a masterpiece of modern art inserted in the urban texture and famous worldwide: can you imagine how it would be to live in a upside-down house?

If it turns to be a rainy day, you can explore the Museumpark with its collections: Monet, Kandinsky and Dalì are only some of the great masters that you can admire here!

On Evolved Guide each guide has customized his/her Rotterdam Walking Tour according to his/her own experience and knowledge, creating for you different itineraries with different attractions, dates, durations, departure times and prices. Pick from our list the one that better suits your interests and go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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