Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto Guided Tour

Do you really want to know Rome? Then you’re in the right place. Evolved Guide has one of the most suggestive tours in mind for you: a Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto Guided Tour with a local tourist guide.

Trastevere is considered the most Roman of the neighborhoods of our city and this is undeniable if we refer to its traditions and the sense of belonging to the neighborhood by its inhabitants who for centuries have been custodians of those character and linguistic peculiarities that characterize the Roman spirit and that today make the district an enclave of Roman times.

Trace the history of Rome with your local guide and find out how Trastevere was the fourteenth region of the city, or the last wanted by the emperor Augustus.

You will learn to love Trastevere and to develop slowly how this neighborhood, initially inhabited by people from every area of the Roman Empire, was a multi-ethnic agglomeration where Syrians, Jews and Egyptians started commercial and craft activities by developing Trastevere so quickly that it took on an appearance urban made of narrow and interconnected alleys that still characterizes it today.

It is in the heart of these narrow alleys and narrow streets colored by plants and flowers that the Jewish Ghetto opens from its main door: the Portico d’Ottavia. Curious to know its history? It is one of the oldest ghettos in the world built to separate Jews from the rest of the population.

Let your local guide tell you all about their traditions, their way of dressing, their behavior and above all the restrictions and impositions they had to undergo in order to survive.

Today Trastevere is a neighborhood besieged by traffic, where finding a parking space is more difficult than winning the lottery and where thousands of people flock to its countless places every day, however the  charm and poetry that transpire its streets and alleys are the same as in the days of Belli and Trilussa, so much so that sometimes with a little imagination and the heart of those who really love this neighborhood it seems to see them again as they wander perplexed through the ancient streets of Trastevere.

Especially for those who want to discover, how they want and when they want, the city, Evolved Guide offers a variety of private, group or family tours, to choose from so that you can ensure that your experience is exactly what you have always dreamed.

On our platform, Trastevere and Jewish Ghetto Guided Tour is customized by each of our tourist guides: for itineraries, duration and offer prices. Search among the proposals and choose a guide that’s right for you. Evolved Guide has the right option you are looking for! You will not regret!

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