Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria tour

Probably everyone has seen an image of the Bronzi di Riace, the Riace Bronzes, but how many can say they have seen them live? Discover the secrets of the famous statues with our Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria tour. Together with our Evolved Guide certified local guide you can visit the halls of one of the most prestigious museums in Italy and designed to celebrate the greatness of Magna Graecia. Spread over 11,000 square meters and built on 5 levels, the Museum allows you to follow the development of the city over the centuries, from the first evidence of the Iron Age to the Roman age. Thanks to the over 200 display cases that contain thousands of extraordinary finds, you can understand the greatness of Reggio and, more generally, of Calabria. But surely the most famous works of the museum are the Riace Bronzes, the two bronze statues of the 5th century BC, made in Argos, in the Peloponnese (Greece). You will be speechless admiring them because they will seem almost alive to you: it is incredible to think that these sculptures are 2500 years old. Your guide will tell you about the long journey the statues made and how they got here. But the museum preserves the vestiges of various historical Calabrian cultures: first of all Locri Epizefìri. All that remains of the decoration of his Dioscuri temple is preserved inside the museum rooms.

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