Pula Walking Tour

Follow the Romans footsteps on an exciting Pula Walking Tour. Pula is a pretty small city but in its historical center thousands of years of history are concentrated: explore the city together with an Evolved Guide certified local tourist guide and discover its most unknown and fascinating corners. Among its most important monuments you could visit the great Pula Arena, the grandiose place of gladiatorial shows built in the first century AD.: this grandiose amphitheater was able to accommodate 23,000 spectators. The arena hosted gladiatorial games and executions until 404 AD. Although it was built 2000 years ago, time has not affected its charm: it seems almost incredible that it has been preserved so well over the centuries. And why not visit the beating heart of Roman life with a visit to the Pula Roman Forum? Inside you will see the magnificent Temple of Augustus and Rome, built by the first emperor of Rome. Enter the large Arch of the Sergii, built at the end of the 1st century BC. and admire its impressive architecture. Remember that our guides are local, so you will know the information they normally cannot read on the internet or books because they are part of the local tradition. On our Evolved Guide platform, the Pula Walking Tour is customized by each of our tourist guides according to the itineraries, durations, departure times, prices and offers. Search among the proposals and choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Go home with a unique experience: choose Evolved Guide.

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