Prague Castle Walking Tour

Trust Evolved Guide for your Prague Castle Walking Tour: thanks to the story of an expert local tourist guide you will enter a magical world made of history, religion and magic.

Prague Castle, thanks to its position, dominates the city and its grandeur is visible from every corner of the city. According to the Guinness Book of Records it is the largest ancient castle in the world, with its over 70,000 m2. The tour will be a real journey through time to discover the buildings that make up the complex. In fact, the Castle was not built in a single moment but is the result of centuries and centuries of work by the rulers. During your guided tour you will be able to see the Royal Palace, the Basilica of S. Giorgio, the Cathedral of San Vito and the Vicolo d’Oro with the Daliborka Tower. In addition to the buildings, the complex is full of gardens and courtyards.

Among them you can admire the Old Royal Palace with the huge central hall, the Vladislav room. The room will leave you speechless for its extraordinary vault: it almost seems that the ceiling is supported by a spell but in reality it is the result of a complex architectural study carried out by the architects of the court.

And the Golden Lane, a road with small houses built by the king to house the chosen shooters of the castle; subsequently these houses were occupied by the goldsmiths (hence the name) and then by the artists, including the famous writer Kafka (at number 22). Tradition has it that some of these houses were also inhabited by some alchemists: here the most important alchemists of the time met to turn lead into gold or to find the elixir of long life. In Vicolo d’Oro you can see the splendid Daliborka Tower, the prison tower built in 1496.

You could admire the church of San Giorgio, built in 920, in Romanesque times.

And you can see the extraordinary Cathedral of San Vito, one of the most spectacular attractions in the city.

Don’t miss the spectacular changing of the guard that takes place in the castle courtyard every day at 12.00.

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