Perugia Walking Tour

Evolved Guide offers you the possibility to book an unforgettable¬†Perugia Walking Tour¬†in the company of a¬†professional tour guide: wear comfortable shoes and go on adventure to discover the features of the ‚Äėcity of chocolate‚Äô! Few cities will remain as impressed as Perugia, with the liveliness of its people and the beauty of its historic center: join an unforgettable journey through history, art and tradition and enjoy the attention of a¬†private tour guide¬†who is dedicated only to you. Stop whenever you want to admire the charming views of Perugia, with the¬†ancient walls, the squares and the colorful streets, the arches and historic gates: you‚Äôll feel like you are still in the Middle Ages, when the¬†aqueduct¬†was built¬†which today offers one of the¬†most beautiful strolls of Italy¬†and the splendid¬†Fontana Maggiore¬†in the main square, emblem¬†of the city. Together with your¬†local expert guide, who knows what to see in Perugia in a day, you‚Äôll discover the secrets of¬†the Etruscan well¬†to¬†retrace the history of Etruscans and the origins of the city.¬†You‚Äôll explore the underground of the¬†Rocca Paolina, symbol of papal authority over Perugia, a real city within the city that will leave you speechless.¬†You‚Äôll admire¬†the polychrome marbles of the magnificent¬†Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the fa√ßade of¬†the¬†San Bernardino Oratory¬†and the wonderful frescoes in¬†the San Severo Chapel. Learn more about Perugino and Pinturicchio‚Äôs art wandering among the halls of¬†the Umbria National Gallery, which is located in¬†the¬†main¬†historic¬†building: the¬†Palazzo dei Priori,¬†one of the best examples in Italy of public palace from the ‚Äėmunicipal age‚Äô.¬†And don’t forget, of course, to taste Perugian chocolate! On Evolved Guide each guide has¬†customized¬†his/her own¬†Perugia Walking Tour¬†according to his/her experience and knowledge, creating for you¬†different itineraries¬†with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices.¬†Choose from the list below the one you prefer most!

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