Pécs Walking Tour

Come and visit the city of Pècs on this ideal Pecs Walking Tour. Given its small size, the city is perfect to visit all on foot.

The history of this small town in Hungary dates back almost 2000 years, with Roman features dating back to the 4th century where they made this town the capital of the province of Pannonia Valeria. During this Pecs City Center Walking Tour you will discover how this city has experienced so many changes after the numerous settlements and conquests including that of the Turkish Ottoman Empire which settled in the city more than 150 years.

During your Pecs Walking Tour you will visit the Pasha Gazi Kzim Mosque, one of the most important monuments left by the Ottoman Empire during their rule, which it was transformed into a real church.

Guided by your local guide you can also visit other important monuments and attractions such as the early Christian cemetery, an archaeological site dating back to the 4th century, which in 2000 became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Continuing with your Pecs Walking Tour you will meet other important monuments such as the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, dating back to the late Roman era, renovated many times throughout history, today it is considered the most important cathedral in the city.

The city of Pècs also boasts one of the oldest Universities in Hungary, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Undoubtedly the city of Pècs in its small size has a lot to offer, thanks to its history where over the centuries it has experienced many changes. This is what makes the city of Pecs, the second most visited city in Hungary after Budapest.

So get ready to live this experience in a city different from the others accompanied by a local guide waiting to tell you all the history and curiosities behind this beautiful city.

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