Monreale Cathedral guided tour

Take part in our Monreale Cathedral guided tour. Together with our Evolved Guide local guide you will discover the magnificent city and its Duomo. A few kilometers far from Palermo, the city of Monreale will amaze you with its wonderful views. But surely the most important attraction of the city is its Cathedral: an extraordinary masterpiece of Norman architecture, the Cathedral of Monreale is worldwide famous for its extraordinary mosaics that cover the walls. It is the largest mosaic decoration in Italy and second in the world only after the church of Saint Sophia in Istanbul: the mosaic work covers an area of ​​7000 square meters (substantially as much as a football field) and it tells the history of man, from the creation to universal judgment. The cathedral is a huge complex, consisting of the church, the cloister, the convent and the royal palace. It is incredible to think that the construction of the Duomo took only 10 years: it is in fact the largest representation of the sumptuous Norman culture in Sicily. Your Evolved Guide local guide will lead you to discover the secrets of this jewel of architecture and will lead you to his hell to admire its beauty: at the end of the central nave you will be amazed by the image of Christ Pantocrator, the center of the world to which everything owes to tend. From the same period and linked to the structure of the Cathedral is the Cloister of the ancient Benedictine convent, an extraordinary example of Romanesque sculpture, where you can admire the wonderful historiated capitals that represent the main scenes of the Old and New Testaments. During the tour you can walk inside the cloister and listen to its history. This is a unique tour that you absolutely cannot miss: together with our certified Evolved Guide you will discover everything about the Cloister and the Cathedral of Monreale, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. On our Evolved Guide platform, the Monreale Cathedral guided tour is customized by each of our local guides according to the itineraries, durations, departure times, prices and offers. Search among the proposals and choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Go home with a unique experience: choose Evolved Guide.  

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