Ruins of Paestum Guided Tour

Discover one of the bestpreserved ruins in Campania, the ruins of Paestum, by joining the Ruins of Paestum Guided Tour. Learn more about the history of the ancient city thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide.

Paestum was an ancient city of Magna Grecia known at the time with the name of Poseidonia. After the domination of the Lucanians, it changes its name into Paistom. It was later called Paestum by the Romans. In the ninth century AD, this ancient city ceased to exist. Learn more about the life of the people who lived in Paestum thanks to a local private guide who will lead you to discover the Doric temples, markets, forum and amphitheater of the ancient Greek settlement. Let the local guide tell you the history of one of the various wonders of the archaeological site, the Temple of Neptune, the largest temple of the ancient Poseidonia polis. Built in the 5th century BC, it stands in the urban southern sanctuary and it’s well-preserved. Later, the private guide will take you to the Amphitheater of Paestum, a roman masterpiece. Founded in the Caesarian era around 50 BC, it is among the oldest examples of Roman amphitheater. Listen to the suggestive commentary from your local guide, and do not hesitate to ask questions. The private tour ends at the National Archaeological Museum. There’s a rich collection of Greek works of the seventh century BC inside. Among the main works kept in the museum are the frescoes of the “Diver’s tomb/Tomba del Tuffatore” and the “Cratere Rosso” of Astea. Don’t hesitate, come and visit Paestum joining a private tour on Evolved Guide.

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