Oxford Castle and Prison Walking Tour

With Evolved Guide you will discover one of the highlights of the history of the city of Oxford on a Oxford Castle and Prison Walking Tour with a certified tourist guide.

When one thinks of Oxford, students are immediately imagined with black hats and black robes about to graduate, or to parks full of young people studying under trees and in a circle studying with headphones on their ears.

The atmosphere is the right one but there is much more.

Oxford Castle was built by the Norman Baron Robert D’Oyly in 1071, near the Thames to take advantage of its natural protection, also diverting the flow to create a moat that surrounded the castle. It was only after the civil war of 1750 that Oxford Castle was transformed and used as a prison, with an infinite multiplicity of classrooms destined even for capital execution.

Over the centuries the castle was demolished by wars, invasions and devastations but underwent numerous restoration and fortification interventions until it assumed its present appearance.

Enter the castle with a local guide and set off to discover one of the main attractions of the city; discover the secrets, the rooms of the fortress, the anecdotes related to the castle and its inhabitants.

Climb to the top of St. George’s Tower and admire one of the most beautiful views of the city of Oxford.

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