Otranto walking tour

In the province of Lecce, a place you cannot miss is definitely Otranto: come and discover it with our Otranto walking tour. With our Evolved Guide local authorized guide you can admire the wonders of one of the most beautiful city in the Bel Paese, the easternmost city of Italy. Otranto hosted a lot of different civilizations (Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, Aragonese): all these influences have left many traces. With your guide you will discover the most famous monument of Otranto, the Aragonese Castle, the defensive stronghold of the city, but now it’s use as a location for exhibitions and concerts.

With our local guide you will explore the heart of the city, with a visit to the Church of San Pietro, a small church that contains one of the best examples of Byzantine art in all of Puglia. Then admire the main church of the city, the Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata, which overlooks the city (as it is located in the highest part).

Explore the wonderful streets of the historic center, declared a Unesco heritage site and take a nice walk along the promenade of Otranto, where you can taste the Apulian cuisine and where you can also buy some souvenirs of your holiday.

Evolved Guide also recommend a visit to the Punta Palascìa Lighthouse, 5 km away from the center of Otranto: this is the most eastern point of Italy, where you can admire the most beautiful sunrise in Italy.

On our Evolved Guide platform, the Otranto walking tour is customized by each of our tourist guides according to the itineraries, durations, departure times, prices and offers. Search among the proposals and choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Go home with a unique experience: choose Evolved Guide.

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