Nantes Walking Tour

First time in Nantes? With Evolved Guide you have the possibility to book a Nantes Walking Tour.

Known as the “Venice of the West”, Nantes is an elegant city located at the mouth of the Loire. Rich in art and culture, it offers visitors a wide choice of sites of historical interest, which are evidence of an important past, as well as more modern activities and entertainment, symbol of the future of this city in constant evolution.

On this tour accompanied by a certified local guide you will discover the majestic Cathedral of San Pietro and Paolo, typical neighborhoods such as Le Bouffay up to the Feydeau Island.

This was subdivided at the beginning of the XVIII century. by shopkeepers enriched with the “ebony wood trade”. The buildings, extremely elegant and of great architectural unity, sometimes seem to challenge the law of balance: it depends on the fact that here the ground is slightly brittle! Currently, the island is no longer an island: between 1926 and 1938 it was connected to the city by the filling of the branches of the Loire.

Choose a Nantes Walking Tour from one of our certified guides of Evolved Guide and you can enjoy an extravagant and fascinating story that each local guide has customized for you! Choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Come back with a unique and unforgettable experience of a Certified Tourist Guide of Evolved Guide!

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