Metaponto Archaeological Park Tour

Discover the past of one of the most important cities of Magna Grecia through our Metaponto Archaeological Park Tour. Our Evolved Guide certified local guide will tell you the secrets of the ancient city of Metapontum. On this walk inside the Archaeological Park of Apollonio Licio you will be able to admire the remains of the urban area of ​​the city, the urban sanctuary and the agora, that is the town square.

Inside the sanctuary it will be possible to admire the four magnificent temples built between the sixth and fifth centuries BC. and dedicated to Athena, Apollo, Hera and Artemis. In addition to the temples, it will be possible to admire the splendid theater which presents unique architectural solutions as it is a precursor of the theatrical system typical of the Roman world.

Together with the guide you can also visit the splendid National Archaeological Museum of Metaponto, not far from the Archaeological Park, where you can admire materials that testify to the human presence since the Bronze Age to get to the Roman period with the construction of the castrum.

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