Sanctuary of Lourdes Walking Tour

Explore the town of Lourdes and visit the three basilicas and the Cave where the Virgin Mary appeared eighteen times on a Sanctuary of Lourdes Walking Tour accompanied by a certified tourist guide.

Take a Sanctuary of Lourdes Walking Tour This tour Sanctuary of Lourdes guided tour, with a local guide, will take you through the history of the Sanctuary and the multiple apparitions that took place 150 years ago. Visit the 3 basilicas, the Cave and the Lourdes water taps.

Visit the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, the Basilica of the Rosary and the Basilica of San Pio X, an underground basilica that continues up to the Cave where in 1858 the Virgin appeared 18 times to a girl.

Believe it or not, the unique atmosphere of Lourdes cannot fail to involve you, it is so special that it will enchant you, and you will come to understand why 6 million people a year undertake the journey to this peaceful location in the Pyrenees.

Book a Sanctuary of Lourdes guided tour and let yourself be carried away by the magic that only Evolved Guide can assure you!

Choose a Sanctuary of Lourdes guided tour from one of our certified guides of Evolved Guide and you can enjoy an extravagant and fascinating story that each local guide has customized for you! Choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Come back with a unique and unforgettable experience of a Certified Tourist Guide of Evolved Guide!

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