Royal London Walking Tour

Enjoy a Royal London Walking Tour with a local tourist guide.

The history of this wonderful city has very ancient origins but continues today and is represented by some fundamental monuments. Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament are just some of the attractions that make London an imperial city.

Edward the Confessor, Queen Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill, you can learn a lot about them and their stories if you only choose one of our guided tours through central London.

Our tourist guide will lead you in a sixteenth-century time made of luxury, jewels, pomp, intrigues, to better understand how these iconic figures lived, worked and spent their free time.

Discover on a Royal London Walking Tour of Evolved Guide the places dear to the royal house: Westminster Abbey, the place of coronation of sovereigns; Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen, Hyde Park with the fountain in memory of Princess Diana, and much more.

To discover all the beauties of the city you just have to visit it.

Travel back in time to the origins of Royal London Walking Tour with this Evolved Guide and find, next to the Thames, the square called Square Mile. Londoners call it “The City”, and it is home to some of London’s oldest buildings that have contributed to the history of this wonderful city.

We are talking about 2000 years ago.

On our Evolved Guide platform, Royal London Walking Tour is customized by each of our tourist guides: for itineraries, duration and offer prices. Search among the proposals and choose a tourist guide for you!

Return with a unique experience of a Royal London Walking Tour with your Certified Tourist Guide of Evolved Guide!

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