L’Aquila Walking Tour

The history of L’Aquila is an everlasting succession of dramatic earthquakes and great rebirths. Book a L’Aquila Walking Tour and let the city shine through the stories of a professional tour guide by Evolved Guide! Venture with your local expert guide in the historical centre of L’Aquila, among the most important ones in Italy for the uniqueness of its architectural heritage. Enjoy the sound of water that has been flowing for centuries from the Fountain of 99 spouts, then have a stroll around and treat yourself to a coffee break in the central square, while admiring the fountains and the art churches on the borders. Within the historical centre and just outside the most stunning features of L’Aquila are located: the magnificent Basilica of San Bernardino, the maximum expression of Renaissance architecture in Abruzzo, and the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio, of great beauty and harmony, one of the highest examples of roman-gothic style buildings in the region. But with your guide you’ll also discover other hidden churches, such as Santa Maria ad Cryptas. In the company of your licensed tour guide, you may explore the Spanish Fort dominating the city, erected in the 16th century during the Spanish domination as part of a huge project of military reinforcement. Surrounded by a green park, this is the highest place in L’Aquila where to enjoy delightful stretches of the urban landscape. Or perhaps, your guide will continue within the ancient ruins of Amiternum: columned porticos, mosaic floors, the theatre and the stunning amphitheatre of the Roman city are still preserved for an incredible travel back in time. The most precious finds are displayed in the National Museum of Abruzzo, where you will find art, history and emotion all in the same place. Still in doubt? On Evolved Guide, each guide has customized his/her L’Aquila Walking Tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, so that you can choose from different itineraries with different durations, dates, departure times and prices to satisfy everyone’s needs. Just pick the one that better fits your interests from the list below! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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