Kutná Hora Walking Tour

For all those who want to visit the most famous and most beautiful ossuary in the world we recommend our Kutná Hora Walking Tour together with a Evolved Guide local tourist guide. During the 14th and 15th centuries the city, like the whole Czech Republic, was hit by the plague and the Hussite crusade; these catastrophic events caused the death of thousands and thousands of people and therefore the cemetery was no longer able to house the bodies of its citizens. The friars therefore decided to build an ossuary to house the bones of the deceased spirits many years before and leave room for new bodies. If initially the bones were simply inserted into the ossuary as if it were a warehouse, in 1870 the engraver František Rint reused the bones to decorate the crypt and gave it the appearance we know today.

Very close to the Ossuary is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Sedlec, a splendid church, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Raise your eyes to the ceiling and admire the wonderful Bohemian vaults.

You will be enchanted by the wonderful Cathedral of Santa Barbara in Kutná Hora. The beautiful cathedral, a UNESCO heritage site, is a jewel of Gothic architecture.

Walking through the streets of the city you will be enchanted by its grandeur.

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