Isernia Walking Tour

Isernia is the city you don’t expect. Tourists who decide to book an Isernia Walking Tour are looking for non-conventional itineraries where the beauty of Appennine’s landscapes is interwoven with the charm of a little-known city deeply rooted in its history. A history going back to the earliest ages of humanity, as Isernia hosts a pre-historic settlement which is among the first ones in Europe. Can you ever imagine the modern city populated by bisons, ancient elephants, rhinos and humans armed with stones? A visit to the National Museum of Paleolithics, just next to the site, with your private tour guide and you’ll live for a full day in the Isernia of 700,000 years ago. Samnite centre, then roman municipium, then medieval city ruled by Lombards and Normans: all the populations who lived in Isernia had left a mark of their passage. A long route exemplified by archaeological area of ancient Aesernia and the ruins of the Roman temple (3rd century BC) under the Cathedral of S. Pietro Apostolo, with its neo-classical shape, and a lot of art churces scattered in the city centre like the Church of St. Cosma and Damianus, with its impressive stairway and the valuable frescoes representing the miracolous healing of the saints. Your local expert guide will answer all your questions! The sharp eyes of history lovers and war paths will not miss the peculiarity of Piazza Celestino V, built as a symbol of rebirth after the bombing of September 1943. Here is the Civic Museum of Memory and History with its moving repertoire from the Second World War: the great wound inflicted to the city, but also its pride laying in the Fontana Fraterna, symbol of Isernia and one of the most beautiful fountains in Italy. On Evolved Guide each guide has personalized his/her Isernia Walking Tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, creating different routes you can choose from with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices. Check the list below and pick the one you prefer the most! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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