Graz Walking Tour

A favorite destination for many visitors, Graz is a delightful city in Austria and second in importance after Vienna. Come and discover it on this Graz Walking Tour with a local guide, where he will take you to its historic center declared a World Heritage Site, and where you will be able to see all the wonders and attractions that this city has to offer.

Perfect city for a relaxing walk and where it is impossible to pass indifferent, you will visit the most important attractions of the city, starting from its main square, the Hauptplatz, a square always full of a continuous coming and going of people and where you can breathe a vital atmosphere, visiting also the Castle of Graz, a symbolic fortress of the city that dominates it from above and where you can see the Clock Tower and the bell tower, where once you get there you can admire a spectacular panorama of the whole city.

While still walking you will see another icon of the city, the famous carillon bell tower (Glockenspiel), where two characters in traditional costumes are exposed who dance three times a day.

In addition to this, there are numerous churches, cathedrals and important structures in the city such as the church of Santa Caterina and the Mausoleum, then the Cathedral of Graz, the Opera House and much more.

Another important and famous monument in the city and throughout the region is the Schloss Eggenberg, a fascinating Gothic-Baroque castle that dates back to the 17th century but which still remains perfectly preserved today.

The city of Graz, although underestimated, is a real destination to be discovered together with your local guide who is looking forward to telling you all the information about the city.

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