Gothenburg Walking Tour

Discover Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city, by joining the Gothenburg Walking Tour and learn more about the history of the city thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide.

Admire Kungsportsplatsen, a square located in the city center of Gothenburg which was built in 1852. The name of the square literally means “King’s Gate Place“, as the gate was the main entrance to the fortified city.

The private tour continues to the Gothenburg Cathedral, the oldest Lutheran cathedral in the city. It was built and consecrated in 1633, and named after its king Gustavo Adolfo of Sweden. When the diocese of Gothenburg was created the church became a cathedral.

The authorized local guide will tell you the history of the city of Gothenburg as you move to Gustaf Adolfs Torg Square, known for the statue of its founding father, King Gustavus Adolf of Sweden.

The private walking tour continues with the Museum of the city of Gothenburg. Inside the building there is a permanent exhibition on the history of the city where it is possible to try on the clothes of the seventeenth century in a dressing room located in the area dedicated to the uses and customs of the inhabitants of Gothenburg. There are temporary exhibitions as well.

Stroll together with the authorized local guide to Feskekörka, one of the most important monuments of Gothenburg which looks like a church but it’s actually a famous fish market.

The Gothenburg Walking Tour continues with the Haga district, one of the oldest areas of Gothenburg. Take a Fika (coffee break) in one of the typical cafés of the neighborhood in order to be ready to visit the Skansen Kronan fortress, one of the few testimonies of the time when Gothenburg was a fortified city. Also in the Haga district, it is possible to admire Hagakyrkan, the neoGothic church with beautiful wooden interiors.

End the guided tour by moving to Gotaplatsen, a magnificent square inaugurated to celebrate the city’s 300th anniversary in 1923 during an international industrial exhibition. A few steps away is the Konstmuseum, an art museum where works of art by great Renaissance artists are exhibited.

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