Genoa Rolli Palaces Guided Tour

Join the Genoa Rolli Palaces Guided Tour to get to know a complex of 3 museums divided into 3 wonderful hoped-for palaces, all located in the main street of the city (Via Garibaldi).

Along Via Garibaldi, walking along the Renaissance-style new street declared in 2006 World Heritage Site by UNESCO, you will find a complex of museums connecting 3 important Genoese palaces: White Palace, Red Palace and Tursi Palace.

The New Street Museums tell a summary of what is the history of the city since the fifteenth century.

During the Genoa Rolli Palaces Guided Tour you will discover how the first Palazzo Bianco houses the most important art gallery in the region, where Genoese, Italian, Spanish and Flemish works dating from the 16th to the 18th century are exhibited.

Then there is the Red Palace, where you will know how people lived at that time in these wonderful palaces, and where Italian works of the XV-XVII centuries are exhibited, as well as valuable portraits of Van Dyck.

Finally, the Tursi Palace preserves the collection of coins, weights and official measures of the Republic of Genoa, works of the 18th century and decorative art, and above all the famous violin by Paganini: the cannon.

Come and discover these splendid palaces together with a local guide to immerse yourself in the past among the most important Genoese families. Discover Red Palace, White Palace and Tursi Palace, the residences owned by the municipality in the 16th century located in the magnificent New Street.

The New Street (Via Garibaldi) has thus been transformed into a real “street-museum” thanks to the union of these three palaces in a single and continuous itinerary.

On this Genoa Rolli Palaces Guided Tour and with one of our expert local guides, get ready to see one of the masterpieces of Genoese architectural and living culture.

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