Undergrounds of Edinburgh Guided Tour

Join a Undergrounds of Edinburgh Guided Tour of Evolved Guide with a certified expert guide and let yourself be fascinated by the mystery that looms over this city.

Did you think you know all about Edinburgh‘s history? Did you think that a ride on the surface to the most beautiful monuments would have been useful to understand the history of the city?

It is what is hidden in the darkness and darkness that is never told, it is the behind the scenes that makes the scene better and you can be part of it.

Follow your guide and explore an underground city in the heart of the old city: the Mary King’s Close complex. The name was given in honor of Mary King, daughter of the lawyer Alexander King, who in the 17th century owned most of the buildings in the city. Initially it is thought that this complex was built to build a large shopping center to bring together all the shops nearby but the idea was never completed and was completely abandoned.

Hear from your tourist guide the stories of ghosts and murders, weeds spirits that run through the corridors, Mary King’s Close is a focal point for stories and myths about the victims of the plague that seem to have been buried alive right behind these walls.

Mysterious apparitions, disturbing lights seemed to be evidence of paranormal phenomena over the years.

Pay attention to the stories the tourist guide has to offer you, like the story of one of the most famous ghosts in the city of Edinburgh, Annie. It is said that one day a man went to the underground and as he was about to leave he felt his leg pulled by something; as he turned he saw a 5 year old girl crying. The little girl explained to the man that she had been abandoned by her family because infested with the plague but her crying was due to the loss of her rag doll. The man, moved, left the basement and went to buy a rag doll which he left leaning against the wall of a room and the sensation of pain, sadness and cold, which he had felt before, disappeared.

This is why thousands of visitors, when they enter Annie‘s house, leave a small stuffed animal in the hope that the girl will rest in peace.

With this Undergrounds of Edinburgh Guided Tour, you will discover narrow alleys just over two steps, and learn about the living and working conditions of the people who populated Edinburgh 400 years ago.

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Come back with a unique experience of a Undergrounds of Edinburgh Guided Tour with your Certified Tourist Guide of Evolved Guide!

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