Edinburgh Castle Walking Tour

Evolved Guide gives you the opportunity to spend your free time by joining one of the most significant Edinburgh Castle Walking Tour with a certified local guide who will be able to satisfy all your requests and needs.

Edinburgh Castle is the oldest fortress in the city and one of the most emblematic places in the whole of Scotland. The Castle rises on the hill of Castle Hill from which you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city.

Enter the castle and witness an ancient tradition dating back to 1861, the cannon shot of one o’clock. It will be the general of the Artillery to fire a cannon shot from the castle. You must know that once the cannon shot indicated the time to the sailors and the locals, like a modern tolling of bells.

With this Edinburgh Castle Walking Tour of Evolved Guide you enter one of Scotland’s largest and most beautiful fortifications. You will discover the 3000 years of history of Edinburgh Castle and its role in the formation and development of Scotland. Roman legionaries, the Angles, the princesses, the British, the Castle has a lively and lively history. James I, Maria di Guida, Maria Stuarda, John Knox are just some of the names that have marked the history of this land. Our certified guide will know how to catch your attention with the most compelling stories and court intrigues that have marked Edinburgh Castle.

Are you ready to go down to the basement? Through a faithful reconstruction of the prisons, you will be able to learn better, together with your local guide, what the conditions of the prisoners who lived imprisoned in the cells of the castle were.

And then the Royal Palace, the Hall of Honor, the Royal Arsenare and the Church of St. Mary, will be a dive into the past that you will not forget. Did you know that in the Royal Palace, in one of its rooms, Maria Stuarda‘s son Giacomo IV was born? Around his birth, however, there is a macabre story because it is said that in reality small bones were discovered behind a wall, and it seems that the one who was crowned king of Scotland, as the legitimate son of Mary, was actually an imposter and that the true James IV had been killed when he was still in swaddling clothes.

It’s just a legend, but who can ever find out the truth?!

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