Ancient Saepinum Guided Tour

If you want to get on the trail of past and wander in ancient history then Saepinum the place that best suits you. Book a Ancient Saepinum Guided Tour and let a professional tour guide accompany you in this travel back in time! The original settlement, a stronghold of the Samnites, controlled for a long time the trade routes converging in this place, linked to pasture. With the Roman conquest, the city was moved downstream and flourished as an important administrative and trade centre. Ancient ruins of Saepinum have a millennial history and have survived as they were in the past: why don’t bring them back to life thanks to the stories of a local expert guide? Stroll around the Samnitic settlement, completely immersed in the green of the wood, and then follow your guide to the Roman city, so well-preserved in all its features that you won’t belive. Like a true roman citizens, you will almost hear the horses hooves and the wheels of chariots while walking along the cobbled streets, voices of merchants yelling in the Forum, the speeches of patricians in the baths, the applause of public echoing in the magnificent Amphitheatre. Marble blocks, columns, statues, inscriptions: your private tour guide will explain you the secrets hidden behind all this! On Evolved Guide each guide has personalized his/her Ancient Saepinum Guided Tour according to his/her knowledge and experience, creating for you different itineraries with different duration, dates, departure times and prices. Check the list below and choose the tour you prefer the most! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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