Cefalù walking tour

If you are in Sicily you absolutely cannot miss Cefalù: let yourself be guided by our Evolved Guide local guide during the Cefalù walking tour. This splendid city will conquer you with its breathtaking views that will enchant you. Walking through the alleys of the city, the guide will tell you his story and will lead you to the discovery of a monument of inestimable value, the Cathedral of Cefalù. Built by Roger II around the mid-twelfth century, it was decorated with splendid mosaics covering an area of ​​600 m2 and which allowed the church to become part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. At the center of the apse stands the image of Christ Pantocrator, the one who can do anything, the symbolic image of churches built in the Arab-Norman style. Christ holds the Gospel in his hand and 2 pages are read, one in Greek and one in Latin, which bear the same phrase “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not live in darkness but will have the light of life ”. In addition to the cathedral you can also visit the splendid annexed cloister, with its splendid capitals. The cloister served as a model for the well-known cloister of the Monreale Cathedral. And don’t forget to go to the beach, to admire the crystal clear sea and the fortress overlooking the city. On our Evolved Guide platform, the Cefalù walking tour is customized by each of our local guides according to the itineraries, durations, departure times, prices and offers. Search among the proposals and choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Go home with a unique experience: choose Evolved Guide.  

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