Etna guided tour

Are you an adventure lover? Do you love hiking? Etna is just waiting for you! Come and discover the highest active volcano in Europe, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco, during out Etna guided tour with our volcanological local guide. Etna, “a muntagna” as it is called by the locals, with its 3,326 m height, looks like a giant over the city of Catania. The volcano is one of the main tourist destinations in Sicily as it is one of the few active volcanoes that is easily accessible and it can be visited. Etna unites heaven and earth: it is to be thought of as a huge dragon covered with an armor; when it loses its thousand scales, it gives life to incandescent snakes of fire that illuminated the nights, landslides of black boulders with a heart of fire, slowly forming tongues of land to the sea, violating the shores that changed their appearance, advancing relentlessly. But the sea waters cooled the monster that became stone, where other fire snakes flowed over each other. For thousands of years, Etna has caused amazement and terror. There are a thousand legends surrounding the mountain: Gùgiants, monsters, heroes, philosophers have lived here: Hephaestus, Cyclops, even Polyphemus. From the slopes of Etna, Catania dominates the flood plain. The eruptions that have followed over the centuries have generated a lunar landscape unique in the world. But there is so much more: your guide will explore with you the Etna Park, with an extension of 59,000 hectares, will surprise you with its flora, fauna and, above all, with its breathtaking landscapes. Here, in this enchanting and frightening place at the same time, you will find contact with nature. Our multilingual volcanological guide will guide you on this exciting trekking. On our Evolved Guide platform, the Etna guided tour is customized by each of our local guides according to the itineraries, durations, departure times, prices and offers. Search among the proposals and choose the tourist guide that’s right for you. Go home with a unique experience: choose Evolved Guide.

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