Main Sights of Capri Guided Tour

Discover Capri, island of the Gulf of Naples, by joining the Main Sights of Capri Guided Tour and learn more about the history of the island thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide. Capri is an island of karst origin and it’s characterized by the jagged coast with countless caves, used in Roman times as nymphaeums of the lush villas built during the Empire period. The Island of Capri is also famous for the presence of endemic and extremely rare animal species, such as the blue lizard. Start your private tour by visiting Villa Jovis, the villa where Tiberius, a Roman emperor, retired to private life. Villa Jovis was built in the 1st century AD on the promontory of Monte Tiberio. Its architectural features seem to be those of the classic villas of the Roman period. Discover the largest parish of Capri, the Church of Santo Stefano, and listen to the story of San Costanzo, protector of the island, told by an authorized private guide. The statue of San Costanzo is preserved inside the Church. Marvel at the wonderful Gardens of Augustus. They consist of a series of terraces overflowing with beautiful flowers. Many tourists come to visit the Gardens of Augustus to take beautiful photos of the panorama of the coast and the Faraglioni, the famous sea stacks of Capri, in the background. Discover Villa San Michele in Anacapri with your local private guide. The owner and builder of the villa is the Swedish Axel Munthe. Now the villa is used as a museum, where you can admire works of art and finds of the roman era such as columns, vases, marble, found on the island by Axel himself. If you want to relax at the end of the private tour, Evolved Guide recommends a walk along the suggestive “squareof Capri and Via Camerelle, the shopping street.

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